Mary Fox

Narratives have always interested me. I am an avid reader, since early childhood.  A story line is a common factor in my work. I focus on what concerns me; social-political themes, current events and environmental issues. This current body of work is derived from my "meditations" on the human condition and concerns over the ever-increasing complexity and chaos of domestic and global issues.

My work was inspired by the stream of consciousness musings of Marcus Aurelius in his "Meditations". I find it fascinating that a powerful ruler was deeply focused on moral and spiritual concerns.  I see a vast contrast from his thoughts, to the current thoughts and actions of the powerful "leaders" portrayed in the modern media. I have taken this dichotomy as my muse and elaborated upon it.

A strong theme in my work is mankind's relationship with the spiritual realm or concept of the "divine".  I am interested in exploring humanity's often obsessive connection to or disconnection from the concept of divinity within the framework of world events, social status and cultural diversity.  I am interested in how spiritual beliefs impact social concerns and how social concerns impact spiritual beliefs.  

My work often focuses on how conventional and unconventional ideology, (religious and otherwise), can shift and morph to support commercial interests, the interests of demagogues, theocracies and all forms of coercive control.
I enjoy commenting on the ability of popular culture to absorb and alter ideology and produce a new product, far from the original concept (e.g. art, music, foreign, sacred practices etc.). The result is generally a bland, transient, commercial product far reduced from its original purpose as an attempt at originality or a statement of Cultural Revolution.    

I use a goblet as a sculptural format for my statements. I choose this form, not as a functional object, but as an archetype. The chalice or cup is an ancient symbol of mankind's relationship of the causal body to the spiritual realm, as evident with its connections to Christianity and the Holy Grail. It also holds symbolic significance alluding to memory, the soul, wisdom, and our connection to The Great Mother, the source of life.  Since my explorations focus on man's relationship to, or detachment from, the divine, the iconography of the chalice conceptually connotes and supports the literal message of the imagery I portray.

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