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11.06.2010 Boyd Sugiki: Distance
Traver Gallery is pleased to present Distance, a solo exhibition featuring new works by Seattle-based glass artist Boyd Sugiki. Inspired by vast urban landscapes and the abstractions that take shape when cityscapes are viewed from afar, Distance is an exploration of “the dialogue between architecture and vessel.”
11.06.2010 Jay Macdonell: Formal Considerations
Traver Gallery is pleased to present Formal Considerations, a solo exhibition featuring new works by Canadian glass artist Jay Macdonell. Expanding on his previous work, which explored the scientific concept of, phototropism, which refers to the way plants orient themselves in relation to light, Macdonell introduces us to new forms that continue to push the boundaries of the medium. Each piece in, Formal Considerations, uses light and the inherent qualities of glass to explore and comment on personal and spatial relationships.
10.16.2010 Jiro Yonezawa: Discoveries in a Forest
Traver Gallery is pleased to present Discoveries in a Forest, an exhibition featuring contemporary sculpture in woven lacquered bamboo by artist Jiro Yonezawa. Twenty-five sculptures ranging from 4-1/2 inches to 5-1/2 feet in height explore the interaction between time and the elements of the forest landscape. Influenced by time spent in the wooded countryside of Kyushu, Yonezawa creates intricate, textured sculpture with disciplined formality in technique and freedom in form.
10.16.2010 Laura Santillana and Alessandro Diaz de Santillana: Textures and Reflections
Traver Gallery is pleased to present Textures and Reflections, a joint exhibition of work by Muranese siblings Laura de Santillana and Alessandro Diaz de Santillana taking place on the heels of their three-week residency at the Museum of Glass, Tacoma.
09.18.2010 Nancy Callan and Julia Rickets: She Said, She Said
Traver Gallery is pleased to present She Said, She Said, an exhibition featuring collaborative artwork by glass artist Nancy Callan and painter/printmaker Julia Ricketts. This second collaborative exhibition of the two artists reveals the innovative results of dialogue between two linked but distinct processes and perspectives.
03.03.2010 Stig Persson: Progression
Traver Gallery Seattle is pleased to present, Progression, Danish glass artist Stig Persson’s first Traver Gallery exhibition. Focusing on glass for its structural qualities as well its delicacy, Stig’s work evokes sincerity, stillness, and seriousness with machine-like precision. Stig finds inspiration in architecture and the urban landscape, as well as a personal quest to find sanctuary through a meditative process of refining and perfecting each piece.
02.05.2010 Jef Gunn: Undo Every Woven
Traver Gallery Tacoma is pleased to present Portland artist Jef Gunn’s "Undo Every Woven" showing February 13 - March 7. At a convergence of the grand aspects of nature—deserts and mountains, skies and waters—and the intimate minutiae of the life forms they envelop, wilderness is concentrated into interrelations of shape and color in Gunn’s paintings, prints, photographs and mixed-media collage.
02.02.2010 Ethan Stern: Zoom
Traver Gallery-Seattle is pleased to present "Zoom", a solo exhibition featuring new work by Seattle glass artist Ethan Stern. Fascinated by architecture and the urban industrial landscape, Stern’s patterns and designs are dissections and magnifications of the imagery that surrounds him. The exhibition includes fifteen of the artist’s graphically powerful blown and carved glass sculptures, each with a focus on color, composition and design.
02.02.2010 Mark Bennion: Amhairghin
Traver Gallery-Seattle is pleased to present, Amhairghin, an exhibition of new works by Vashon Island artist Mark Bennion. The title "Amhairghin" refers to an ancient druid poet whose poems and songs were said to have made his people victorious in battle. Moved by the tale of this ancient poet, Bennion’s, twenty-five fresco paintings are imageless stories that invite one’s imagination to wander and become lost in quiet contemplation.
01.08.2010 Jeannet Iskandar: Between Fragment and Whole
Traver Gallery Tacoma is pleased to present Danish glass artist Jeannet Iskandar’s first North American solo exhibition, "Between Fragment and Whole," showing January 16 - February 7. Both organic and meticulously composed, Iskandar’s ethereal constructions of suspended light and line meet at a confluence of rhythm and repetition.