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12.02.2009 Rachel Moore: From Beauty to Burden
Traver Gallery-Seattle is pleased to present From Beauty to Burden, an exhibition of new works by mixed-media artist and recent Fulbright recipient Rachel Moore. This exhibition features a series of eight framed drawings, ten wall mounted sculptures and accompanying text that together form a quiet contemplation on the state of our global society.
12.02.2009 Sean O'Neill: Passage
Traver Gallery-Seattle is proud to present Passage an exhibition of new works by Seattle artist Sean O’Neill. Inspired by the passage of time and the resulting patterns that are left behind, Sean O’Neill’s work seeks to reveal the beautiful evidence of natural phenomena.
11.11.2009 CUD: American Glass: How Soon is Now?
Informed by chance, situation, humor and experimentation, “CUDwork” on display in this sophomore exhibition with Traver Gallery includes blown glass, sand-castings, prints, altered photographs, paintings, mosaic and unorthodox combinations of all of the above. These works reference an ongoing interest in recycling, collaboration and concept-based work realized by simple means and materials.
11.11.2009 Jen Elek: Signals
Traver Gallery Tacoma is pleased to present Signals, showing November 14-December 6 at Traver Gallery Tacoma. Utilizing minimalist forms and a full spectrum of color, Seattle artist Jen Elek’s first solo show with Traver Gallery draws on the countless messages received in daily life and the role of color in their transmission.
11.06.2009 Kathy Venter: Ostraca
Traver Gallery-Seattle is proud to present Ostraca, an exhibition of new works by ceramicist Kathy Venter. This exhibition features a series of ten hand-built, life size busts sculpted from live models. Drawing inspiration from the Tangara figures of the Mycenaen period, the surfaces have been cemented, plastered with color and sandblasted. This treatment gives the pieces an encrusted appearance, as if worn from centuries of burial. Venter’s figures convey a sense of archeological discovery – a reemergence of societies and the individuals who built them.
11.06.2009 Mark Zirpel: Small sculptures of large objects
Traver Gallery-Seattle is proud to present Small Sculptures of Large Objects, an exhibition of new works by Seattle based artist Mark Zirpel. Often playing on the convergence between art and science, Zirpel’s new work seeks to delve into our notions of time. This show investigates the direct links between forces at work in the celestial sphere, and the resulting effects here on earth.
10.01.2009 Cappy Thompson: Dreamscapes: Heaven and Earth
Traver Gallery Tacoma is pleased to present Cappy Thompson's Dreamscapes: Heaven and Earth, showing October 10 - November 8 at Traver Gallery Tacoma. Reminiscent of magical realism, the Seattle artist's prescient enamel-on-glass paintings combine with a suite of ceramics for Thompson’s first West Coast gallery exhibition in nearly a decade. A luminary among American glass painters, Cappy Thompson animates scenes both familiar and exotic in a style that is both deeply personal and rich in the influence of folk traditions the world over.
09.29.2009 Preston Singletary: Beyond Primitivism
Traver Gallery-Seattle is proud to present Tlingit artist Preston Singletary’s latest body of work, Beyond Primitivism. The exhibition continues the artist’s exploration of his Native American heritage through glass sculpture. Singletary addresses the ongoing discourse between Northwest Coast Native art and contemporary art, melding culturally significant Native images with the abstract, subtle forms of the Modern Art movement. Beyond Primitivism showcases Modern forms bearing traditional Tlingit Formline design; sculptures that exist elegantly in both the Native and Modern realms.
09.29.2009 Tobias Møhl: Broken Twill
Traver Gallery-Seattle is proud to present Danish artist Tobias Møhl’s most recent body of work, Broken Twill. Blending traditional Venetian glassblowing techniques with contemporary Scandinavian design, Møhl’s subtly executed individual blown glass works coalesce into delicate sculptural compositions. Featuring all new works by the Danish master, Broken Twill will present an installation of more than twenty new pieces referencing fabric, weaving patterns, and contemporary design.
09.17.2009 Rik Allen: Transience
Traver Gallery-Tacoma is pleased to feature Rik Allen's newest mixed media sculptures inspired by a life-long fascination with science fiction. More than twelve new spacecraft conjure a retro-futuristic vision that taps the thrill, fear, and exhilaration associated with space travel. Transience reflects the artist's interest in the passage of time and stirs a sense of nostalgia, adventure and possibility.
08.21.2009 Dale Chihuly: Mercurio
Traver Gallery-Seattle is proud to present Mercurio, a solo exhibition by renowned artist Dale Chihuly that marks the first showing of Chihuly’s work at the gallery’s Seattle location. The exhibition will debut a new series of silvered sculptures from the artist’s Venetian series in conjunction with an installation that will fill the 4,000+ square foot gallery.