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Tori Karpenko: The Lookout


exhibition: november 5 - december 23, 2015  
opening reception: thursday, december 5, 5 - 8pm  
"This project started as a cathartic process, and like all good projects, evolved and took on new layers of meaning that continue to deepen. It is not an entirely rational project, but it has given me a profound outlet to work through the most difficult challenge of my life. I'm sharing it with the world because I believe in healing, and the mountains are where I found home again." - Tori Karpenko

Traver Gallery is pleased to present Tori Karpenko: The Lookout. This experiential exhibition includes an installation of a reconstructed 1930's fire lookout cabin (shown above) that acts as safe-haven for viewing the painting, Rise Above Crater Shan, a panoramic vista of Crater Mountain. This sprawling work is a tribute to Gary Snyder - Pulitzer Prize winner for poetry who was stationed at the fire lookout on the summit in 1952. It symbolizes for Karpenko "the profound clarity of perspective found on the mountaintop and the potential for renewal." The remainder of the exhibition is comprised of landscapes set in the North Cascades that capture Karpenko's response to these sites that most prominently brought solace from a recent personal challenge.
Karpenko received his BFA from Drake University. During his studies he attended the Lorenzo de Medici Institute of Italian Studies in Florence, Italy. In 2011 Tori began working for TwispWorks, a community inspired project that has re-purposed a 6.5 acre seventeen-building campus, former US Forest Service complex into a hub for creative enterprise where Karpenko is responsible for the oversight of the Artist in Residence Program and development of a destination education program. Tori has been exhibiting in North Central Washington and Seattle since moving to Washington state in 2000.

Please join us and Karpenko on November 5th for the opening reception.  

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