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Dante Marioni: New Works and Rik Allen: Out There


exhibition: october 1 - 31, 2015  

opening reception: thursday, october 1, 5 - 8pm   

Traver Gallery is pleased to present Dante Marioni: New Works.

In his newest exhibition, renowned master glass artist Dante Marioni continues to push the limits of his materials, drawing our attention to the simultaneous strength and fragility of glass along with the timeless beauty of form and color. The classically inspired forms he sculpts are textured with unexpected colors in reticello and herringbone patterns; they are intensely individual and instantly recognizable. Combining a deep reverence for the history and tradition of Venetian glass making with a timeless design sense, the artworks in this new exhibition continue his career-long interest in classicism and pure form; flawlessly symmetrical leaf forms elegantly balance at heights exceeding four feet while playful gourd shapes pair with exacting reticello technique and bright colors. Marioni's impeccable execution and precise larger-than-life scale gives these sculptures an architectural, even monumental quality.

It is clear that Marioni's passion is the process. The pieces in this new exhibition are an awe-inspiring testament to his mastery of the material. Throughout the years he has continued to challenge himself, designing pieces that stretch his skills to their limits and challenge our notion of what the trifecta of artist, medium and passion can create. The sculptures presented in this exhibition exemplify that artistic growth. Marioni's sculptures are simply astonishing.

Having given Dante his first solo exhibition more than 30 years ago, it is with great pride that we present this new exhibition of his work. We invite you to join us in celebrating Dante's extraordinary talent and achievement in glass.



exhibition: october 1 - 31, 2015  

opening  reception: thursday, october 1, 5 - 8pm

Traver Gallery is pleased to present Rik Allen: Out There.

As a young child reading science fiction stories, watching NASA launches on television, and spending long hours in the creative playroom of his imagination, Rik Allen's wondrous dream to unite design and science was born. With his new exhibition, Out There, Allen continues his exploration of futuristic antiquity. This work, made of glass and metal, conveys two distinct realms within the form of each spacecraft. Rockets, airships and fantastic legged devices tell the story of a journey to places "out there", places that exist within our collective fantasies. The transparency of these vessels reveals a place for a more individual exploration; empty chairs in glass enclosed rooms, ladders, and telescopes act as symbols of an introspective and personal voyage.

Inspired by his fascination with the "new" technology of bygone years, his sculptures convey a sense of nostalgia, recalling a magical moment in the early and mid 20th century when the United States was captivated by the possibilities of the future. While their forms harken back to an earlier time, their message remains current: Allen asks us to consider where our ongoing cultural fascination with technology will lead us. From the foreseeable advances in robotics and bioengineering to more "futuristic" advances such as teleportation and space colonization, Allen creates "space ships" that propel our imaginations. 

Allen is published nationally and has taught internationally at the Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA, Penland Craft Center, Penland, NC, and Toyama Glass Institute, Toyama, Japan. His work is included in a variety of public and private collections such as Boeing Headquarters, Chicago, IL, Toyama Institute of Glass, Toyama, Japan, and Paul Allen Family Foundation Collection, Seattle, WA.

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