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The Weekly Volcano, 03.20.2008

William Traver Raver

By Natasha Gorbachev

Lately I’ve seen hella heads venturing into such wonderful and deserving galleries including The Lark, Fulcrum and The Helm.

Well, my pretty people, I’ve got another to add to your list.

You must visit the Traver Gallery, located right next to the Museum of Glass on the Thea Foss waterway.

Recently the good people behind this Tacoma gem launched programming to reach out to a new, younger audience, while still catering to their existing clientele.

I must say that they’re doing a righteous job of this, which means that you all should visit Traver soon.

Here’s why:

The Traver Gallery is hosting events that are free and open to the public. Even better than that, they’re offering tasty snacks, free beverages and a band that you can sway to.

Just last week people piled in for the opening of their Cordy Ryman show. Ryman is a New York artist, and his exhibit primarily uses acrylic and enamel on wood. His work has been described as unpretentious, thoughtful and sincere. Interestingly, that’s also how I’d describe the people I met that night, and all of the smiling and inviting faces that were at the Traver.

The Traver collection also includes breathtaking glass pieces large and small from all kinds of talented artists, including that Chihuly guy.

On the water side of the gallery, you’ll find the retail shop dubbed Verti. In this space there are additional sweeping glass pieces, books and fun little trinkets like glass rings. I was also a fan of these upright candles that were human bodies and the wick was coming out of the penis and the breasts. That’s hot.

On the opening night, the Traver was featuring a sweet band in Wesafari, a rock, electroacoustic and experimental group that was great!

Everyone who was there was also diggin’ on some meat and cheese, hummus and the like while admiring the gorgeous pieces of the art they were surrounded by.

I had actually never been in the Traver Gallery before because I’d heard previously that the art inside of it was crazy expensive. The expense was there, but admiring the work is free, and I’m now so happy that my eyes and my mind were introduced to it, and the quality is undeniable.

I’m sorry if you missed the great event last week, but don’t despair, the Traver has a way to turn that frown upside down.

Saturday, March 29 from 4 to 6 p.m., the Traver will host a beer tasting where new collectors will talk art and Harmon brewers will talk beer. That’s my kind of matrimony.
So do yourself a favor, all of you young and young-at-heart people, and visit the Traver on March 29 or anytime soon.

Until then, kiss my glass.

[William Traver Gallery, 1821 Dock St., Tacoma, 253.383.3685]

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