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Ethan Stern Artist Residency at Museum of Glass May 11 - 15; Artist Talk Saturday, May 14 at 1pm

Seattle artist Ethan Stern is the Artist in Residence at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma this week, where he'll be creating the layered abstract forms he uses as the starting point for his engraved sculptures. Ethan will give a talk on his work on Saturday, May 14 at 1pm. 

Stern’s graphically powerful carved glass vessels begin as simple blown forms composed of multiple layers of color. Stern’s minimalist shapes serve as canvases onto which mesmerizing, abstract surface patterns are drawn, and then carved using cameo engraving techniques. Patterns and textures wind their way around the surfaces of the vessels creating a feeling of rhythm, and sense of mystery and excitement.

Ethan was awarded this residency last fall after being named the “Best Emerging Artist” at the Museum’s Red Hot Auction. He will be working with the Museum's team, along with a few other artists from Seattle.
You can watch Ethan and his team work between 10 and 5 each day, streaming live on the Museum of Glass Website.


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