Tobias Møhl

Craft and design has always fascinated me and it has always been one of my ambitions to become a skilled craftsman. I became a glassblower, which thus lead me to become a great admirer of the Venetian glassblowers with their unique and impressive techniques.

Quite early on in my career, I was extremely fortunate to meet the legendary Lino Tagliapietra. My acquaintance with him has had a great influence on the development of my skills and design. Through him, the door to the multitude of Venetian techniques has been opened.

It has been a great challenge for me to learn and master the Venetian techniques and an equally demanding challenge to use them in my own way.

My work is about using the Venetian techniques in a Scandinavian way rather than in a Venetian way. It is also about seeing the techniques as a tool to clarify and refine my personal expression. I have searched for simple details in glass which, when used in the right context, adds an extra refinement to the end result. I have explored methods that break away from the traditional patterns to discover a new and more organic expression and style.


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