Sean Albert


Much of my work deals with the extraordinary attributes of light and its collaboration with a plethora of other materials. For me the union between light and materials ranging from canvas to glass serves as a tool to capture or convey movement, highlight the ethereal qualities of transparency, or possibly fool the viewer into seeing something other than what is actually there. In conjunction with light I also make use of multiples, pattern, and micro vs. macro relationships, in order to blur the lines between 2- and 3-dimensional objects. Thus I would classify many of my sculptures as paintings in the round.


I’m also drawn to the ways in which the subtle collaboration between light and material has the means to allow a viewer to become aware of the physical act of viewing. My work aims to provoke an audience interaction beyond the initial encounter, in order for the viewer to better examine or stumble onto what may at first remain unseen. By using phenomena that aren’t immediately apparent or obvious, the act of viewing can become a transformative experience once realized. I hope to persuade the viewer to become aware of themselves at that moment in time and space- initially by looking, and eventually seeing or finding what isn’t immediately apparent or available within the work. I believe these “a-ha!” moments of seeing have the power to do just that.


-Sean Albert, 2008

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