Robbie Miller

Born in 1955 in London, England


1980-89            Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA
1982                  Orrefors Glass School, Orrefors, Sweden
1981                  Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, WA
1977                  Camosen College, Victoria, B.C., Canada


1989-pres.        Assistant to Lino Tagliapietra (executing "Chihuly Venetian" Series)
1985-pres.        Benjamin Moore Inc., Glassblower, Seattle, WA (executing works by Benjamin Moore, Preston Singletary, Dante

                            Marioni, Paul Marioni / Ann Troutner, Dan Dailey, Dick Weiss, Cappy Thompson, Rich Royal, Italo Scanga, Louis

                            Mueller, Fritz Driesbach, Narcissus Quagliata, Charles Parriot)
1984-pres.        Dale Chihuly Inc., Glassblower, Seattle, WA
1993                  Pilchuck Glass School, Visiting Artist in Residence, Stanwood, WA
1988-92            Assistant to Danny Perkins, Seattle, WA
1991                  Center International de Recherche sur les Verres et les Arts Plastique, Glassblower, Glass Workshop with Lino

                           Tagliapietra and Anthony Jojola, Marseille, France
1988-90            Pilchuck Glass School, Assistant to Sculptor Italo Scanga, Stanwood, WA, Artist in Residence
1989                  Workshop with Dale Chihuly, Nijiima Island, Japan
                           Executed Mosaic Commission
1984-89            Pilchuck Glass School, Assistant Gaffer, Stanwood, WA  (assisted William Morris and Rich Royal in execution of

                           works by Harvey Littleton, Paul Marioni, William Morris, Rich Royal, John Torreano, Dan Dailey, Tom Beuchner,

                           Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslaua Brychtova, Susan Stinsmuelen Amend, Ann Gardner, Amos Glick Zook, Bertil

                           and Ulrica Vallien, Danny Perkins, Erwin Eisch, Klaus Moje, Peter Shire, Jerry Pethick, Ann Warff, Therman Statom, Dick Marquis)
1988                  Rhode Island School of Design, Assistant Gaffer, Providence, RI
                           Assistant to Artist during workshop at California College of Arts and Crafts
                           Executed and supervised the painting of sculpture "Man with Sun", public art project, San Jose, CA
                           Collaboration with John Drury, New York, NY
                           Assistant to John Lewis Co, Oakland, CA
1984, 87           Rhode Island School of Design, Workshops with Dale Chihuly and Ben Moore, Providence, RI


2006-09           Contrasts: A Glass Primer,  Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA
2006                 Robbie Miller Everything, Musuem of Now, Whidbey Island, WA
2005                 CUD 15 Years Retrospective, Pittsburg Glass Center, Pittsburg,PA
2003                 Trial by Fire: Contemporary Glass, Florida State University Museum of Fine Art        
                          Hauberg Fellowship Show, Center of Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA
2001                 CUD 2001, Flux, San Diego, CA
2000                 CUD 2000, collaborative show with John Drury, Max Fish, New York, NY
                          Bottle Wall Project, Bubba Mavis Gallery, Seattle, WA
1999                 Collaborative Show with John Drury, Bubba Mavis Gallery, Seattle, WA
                          Maryhill Museum Group Show, WA
                          Recent Glass, Riley Hawk Gallery, Columbus, OH
                          Mosaics,Pound Gallery, Seattle, WA
                          Pilchuck Faculty Show, William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA
1998                 Ducks in a Row, Recent Glass, William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA
                          Ducks, Dorita Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1997                 Pilchuck Faculty Show, Sea-Tac Airport, Seattle, WA
                          Five Seattle Artists, Margo Jacobson Gallery, Portland, OR
                          Glass Ducks, Glass Gallery, Bethesda, MD
                          Glass Ducks, Dick Coplan Gallery, Boca Rotan, FL
                          Hobbies 2000, Bubba- Mavis Gallery, Seattle, WA (group show curated by Walter Lieberman)
                          Glass Ducks, Friesen Gallery, Sun Valley, ID
1996                 Glass and Paintings, Bubba Mavis Gallery, Seattle, WA
                          Faculty Show, Pilchuck Glass Center, Stanwood, WA
                          Vetri International Glass, Seattle, WA
1995                 Blue, Bubba Mavis Gallery, Seattle, WA
                          Pilchuck 25 Years, Bumbershoot, Seattle, WA
                          B-Team, Seattle, WA
                          Hilltop Project, Tacoma, WA
                          Glas I , Stockholm, Sweden
                          Chihuly Chandelier Project, Waterford Glass Factory, Ireland
                          Paint and Glass: The Expressive Connection, Philabaum Gallery, Tucson, AZ
                          The Beauty of Painted Glass: New Directions in the Northwest,  Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA
                          Fuel Gallery, Seattle, WA
                          North West Glass, Glass 1 Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
                          Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT
                          3 Dimensions x Four, Fuel Gallery, Seattle, WA
1993-94           Screams with Laughter : Storytelling in Northwest Craft, traveling exhibition curated by Lloyd E. Herman
                          Convention and Trade Center, and the Canadian Craft Museum, Vancouver, B.C.
1993                 Objects of our Affection, Fuel Gallery, Seattle, WA
                          16th Annual International Pilchuck Exhibition, William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA
1992                 Third Generation-Fifth Dimension, Grove Gallery, University of California, San Diego, CA
                          Contemporary Painting on Glass, William Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA
                          Belltown Inside Out, Nineteen-Hundred Fourth Avenue, Seattle, WA
                          CUD Recycle, in collaboration with John Drury, Crocodile Cafe Gallery, Seattle, WA
                          New Glass, Buschien Mowat Fine Arts Gallery, Vancouver, B.C
1991                 Objects of Our Affection, Fuller/Elwood Gallery, Seattle, WA
                          Contemporary Glass, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, B.C.
1990                 Seattle Now, Foster White Gallery, Seattle, WA
1988-89           Pilchuck Glass, Traver Sutton Gallery,Seattle, WA
1988                 Contemporary Artists


1982                 British Columbia Council for the Arts Artist Grant


2008                 CUD Workshop, Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA
2007                 CUD Workshop, Massachusetts College of Arts, Boston, MA
2006                 CUD Workshop, California College of Art, Oakland, CA
2003                 Urban Glass, Co-teaching with John Drury,New York, NY
2002                 University of Hawaii, Co-teaching with John Drury, HI
2001                 Pilchuck Glass School, Co-teaching with John Drury, Stanwood, WA
2000                 Urban Glass, Co-teaching with John Drury,New York, NY
1999                 Pilchuck Glass School, Instructor, Stanwood, WA
1998                 Urban Glass, Co-teaching with John Drury,New York, NY
1997                 Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Teaching Assistant to Ben Moore, Deer Isle, ME
1996                 Pilchuck Glass School, Instructor, Stanwood, WA
1988                 Pilchuck Glass School, Teacher Assistant, Stanwood, WA


1994                 Artist in Residence Catalogue, Pilchuck Glass School, 1994
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