Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson was born in 1952 in Texas and lives with his wife, Jean, on Lopez Island.  Introduced to wood in 1975, Michael’s work continues to explore the potential of process and material.  Central to the work is evoking a sense of naturalness, landscape, object and coastal influence.  Attending Edmonds Community College in the late 1970s, he was impressed with the importance of practicing his craft.  His Landscape Vessel series and Coastal Objects series of the1980s and 1990s served as a foundation for his approach to surface and sense of organic form.  In 2003, Michael began a series of stacked sculptures that focused on arrangements of an accumulation of multiple elements and the transformative qualities of unseasoned madrone burl.  In 2009, Evolution/Revolution, a traveling solo exhibition curated by Bellevue Arts Museum, represented 20+ years of Michael’s work.  His work is found in numerous private and public collections throughout the U.S. and England.  In 2014 Michael was the recipient of a Washington State Artist Trust Fellowship Award.




My work evolves out of the process of making and develops its own logic.  There are few absolutes.


As a Northwest wood sculptor, my approach to surface and organic form has always been grounded in the natural world.

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