Masami Koda



When I was talking with my husband, he said “Look at that gray leaves.”   What I saw was the newly grown young leaves and they were dark red color covered with white downy hair on. I saw red but he saw grayish red. We saw the same things but our experiences were not the same and unique. This is called Qualia. It is a term used in philosophy to refer to individual instances of subjective, conscious experience.

 This kind of incident is happening quite often however, our conversations will happily continue without realizing different perceptions in us. 

I am inspired by the energy of nature and how they continuously grow under the right conditions. 

I like to carefully see and observe how small plants grow ever day in the garden. I can’t really notice the growth next day in my eyes. However limitless works of energy inside plants move around and gradually change the shapes in a few days.

Basically I work with same process which are heating materials and making forms. And I use thousands of small pieces of steel and glass and keep adding them. As adding pieces, ideas become clearer and develop its shape.

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