John Marshall

The basalt and silver pieces in this showing are my statement. My work up to this point has been first born through drawings and in some cases models before I would put a hammer to the metal. The work usually had a function to answer or a special event or collection in mind. It was a challenge to keep a one-of-a-kind aesthetic and not to have the work compromised.


The pieces in this show are more spontaneous and are led by a concept. I visualized them in my mind and created them directly with the material working in the rhythm set by it. The drawings/paintings in the show were created while working and after the three dimensional pieces were finalized. They are not meant to echo the pieces, but to show another stage of the emotion. My concept is one of change as seen in the seasons or in people over the years. Over time one sees the changing and wearing of time, but also the layering and maturing that can with grace create an inner strength and a new beginning.

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