Jeannet Iskandar


In my work, I try to investigate how and if the two opposing concepts of complexity and simplicity could be united in one expression. My inspiration has among other things been the mathematical constant Pi and the musical piece "Bolero” by Ravel. What has fascinated me with those two different ”units” has been the complexity of the structure in which they are “built”, but also the simplicity of their expression. The rhythm, repetition, and all the fine diversities and small variations contribute to the nuances of the experience of them. They both somehow expand with each sequence added, yet each sequence contributes to the same basic pattern, which makes the expression calm and whole.


So far in my work I am striving to build pieces in three-dimensional patterns and structures. Rather than applying the patterns to a shape, I want the shape to be the structure/pattern.

I chose the shapes in "Between Fragment and Whole" to be very static, simple and geometrical. By doing that I allowed myself to fully observe and play with the composition of the elements and what they would do to the perception of the shape.



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