Jamie Walker

I am intrigued by the plethora of ever shifting information, both real and imagined, that can be observed from watching clouds, viewing cellular structures, studying landscape paintings or taking a walk on the beach.  These sources serve as gateways to my studio endeavors where I create work that eventually becomes stationary and permanent, but may still allow for an imaginative, even meditative, perceptual experience.

The wall pieces include two examples (Clouds # 9 and #10) that continue a theme originally based on abstracted cloud forms and then evolve into works more reflective of landscapes (Yama, Bay, Doppio). These pieces are meant to conjure a sense of wandering, day-dreaming and a brief sense of departure from our daily experiences. They are all unified by their exploration of form that is developed through the accumulation of dozens of spherical elements of differing sizes.  Clouds  #9 and #10 suggest the effects of gravity while the landscape pieces are more grounded horizontally.  I am intrigued by the illusionary shift that happens depending on whether a piece is made out of porcelain or with a black clay.  The visual lightness of Cloud #10 and Doppio seems to heighten the dimensionality of the pieces, in contrast to the forms made with the black clay which can almost appear to flatten out and become two-dimensional.   

The pedestal pieces share a reliance on spherical structure, but feature a facetted side that brings a sense of heightened animation to the work.  I am interested in metaphorical potential of exploiting the somewhat incontrollable nature of the ceramic process with the conscious and technical control I try to exert with the glazed surfaces.


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