Dick Weiss

Artist Statement


Plates are very approachable. At some point in their lives, who hasn’t had a good relationship with a plate? Like dogs, like cats, they are there, around you, part of your life.


The “Mom’s Plate” series began about 10 years ago. Growing up, there not a lot of art on the walls around me. However, in the kitchen, hanging above the breakfast table, was a small exception: a hand-painted plate. Mom had bought it at the St. Vincent DePaul in the early 1950’s. When died in 1990, I took that plate.


The “Laura Lynn” series continues my exploration of that plate. It honors 2 very important women in my life: Laura Groshong, a clinical social worker I have been seeing since 1980, and Lynn DiNino, a Tacoma artist, and my girlfriend of 9 months.


To a large degree, these two women were in my mind as I painted. Thank you.

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