Carmen Vetter

Artist Background

Born Dallas, Oregon, 1957

Resides Portland, Oregon



Education and Training

2011    Residency, “In Place,” Northlands Creative Glass, Lybster, Scotland

2000    Artist Exchange Residency, “Table Top and Tile,” Bullseye Glass Factory, Portland, Oregon

1992    Mentored with Neil Ward Robinson, ISIS Gallery and Institute, Essex, England

1991    Water media studies with Nancy Samotis, Bemis Foundation, Omaha, Nebraska

1990    Art studies, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska



Selected Professional Background

2010    Presenter, “Finding My Depth:  Bas Relief with Frits and Powders,”
G.A.S. Conference, Louisville, Kentucky

2009    Guest Presenter for Alicia Lomne, Pilchuck Glass School

2009 - 2012   Instructor for weekly introductory art class, Operation Night Watch, Portland, Oregon




2014     SOFA Chicago, Pismo Gallery, Chicago Navy Pier, November 7-9

2014     "Folding/Faulting" Circa Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

2014     "After Before" Traver Gallery, Seattle, Washington

2013     SOFA Chicago, Pismo Gallery, Chicago Navy Pier, October 31 - November 3

2012    “Unforgiving Edge/What Remains” (Susan Longini & Carmen Vetter) 
Bullseye Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2011    “Fill” Traver Gallery, Seattle, Washington

2009    “Fading Gray: Patterns on Polarization”  Traver Gallery, Tacoma, Washington

2004    “Assimilation” Vetri International Glass, Seattle, Washington

2003    Gallery at Salishan, Lincoln City, Oregon

2000    “Bedeviled” Brian Marki Fine Art, Portland, Oregon



Selected Group Exhibitions

2015    "Fired: Iron, Ceramics, and Glass"  Arvada Center For the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, Colorado

2014     "Shades of White"  Traver Gallery, Seattle, Washington

2012     "Chromatic Fusion: The Art of Fused Glass" New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2012    "Clear and Present: Works in Glass by 12 Artists"  LewAllen Galleries, Santa Fe, New Mexico



2008    Finalist, Bullseye Emerge Competition

2006    Finalist, Bullseye Emerge Competition




2015    Minneapolis Star Tribune, Made by Hand Art at Three Minneapolis Galleries,
Mary Abbe, March 19, 2015

2014     Art and Antiques, April issue, "Crystallizing an Idea"

2012    New Glass Review 33, Corning Museum

2010    New Glass Review 31, Corning Museum

2009    Tacoma Weekly – Review, February 26, 2009

2009    The News Tribune, Tacoma, Washington – Review, February 16, 2009



Upcoming Exhibitions

June, 2016       Traver Gallery, Seattle, Washington

June, 2016       Emerge/Evolve, Bullseye Projects, Portland, Oregon

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