CUD: Robbie Miller and John Drury

Chance, situation and humor inform non-traditional work in glass. Collaboration, concept and reflection of place enlighten the glass making processes, in the physical creation of sculptural works and installations displaying concerns for recycling, process and immediate circumstance.


John Drury and Robbie Miller each have more than 30 years of experience with glass and in 2008, celebrated their twenty year collaborative effort by teaching a course for the Pilchuck Glass School; their fifth. During the fall of 2009, Drury and Miller installed the exhibition American Glass: How Soon Is Now at the William Traver Gallery, including the works completed that previous year at Pilchuck; also the point of genesis for the art duo, in 1988.


In 2013, Robbie and John celebrate 25 years of collaboration with a return engagement to the Traver Gallery and a world tour. CUD has served as Visiting Artists to universities throughout the US; most recently, Ball State University (November 2012). In April of 2013, the duo are offering a 4-day workshop at the Pratt Fine Art Center, in Seattle. It is followed with a two day artist residency at the University of Washington.


To date, Mr. Drury and Mr. Miller have co-taught students from throughout the United States, Argentina, Australia, England, Japan, India, Israel, Mexico, South Korea and Guatemala. Engagements in Scotland, Ireland and England are also planned for 2013.

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