April Surgent

Light sits softly.


One bird steadily glides into the wind and another sings me a melodious song.


Though I am a conscious being, I am smaller than a speck of dust, a microbe in the universe. Not even that significant. Yet it is possible that even my tiniest of actions are capable of creating monumental ripple-effect, whether I am aware of or able to reconcile those impacts or not.


We have irrevocably distorted the pulse of our planet as geological changes now transpire on a human timescale. Based on the ideology that knowledge is the key to transformation, I am interested in the dialogue between art and science as a way of gaining a wider perspective on the understanding of life; with the postulation that the more we know, the more we can learn and grow from.


How do our individual actions create impact and how can we transform negative effects into positive outcomes? What can we do to learn about the world and life and how can we work together to make constructive change?


In an era when the world is experiencing immeasurable transformation, an engraving in glass becomes an archival record; and in a time when our histories are stored in clouds, it takes a passing moment and saves it as a tangible object. I am a keeper of our times and a keeper of a dying heritage. And in this slow and meticulous craft, I am reminded that though the hyper-speed of the 21st century may disagree, it is OK to Stop. Look. See. Listen. Smell. Touch. Breathe. Think.


Life is curious and I am curious.


Oh, how remarkable it is to be a conscious being in the universe!

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