Amy Rueffert

My work looks at the objects that surround us in our everyday life. The rich implications of particularly constructed visions of domesticity and femininity as presented through 20th-century culture are my central focus. These objects illuminate, and are limited by, the interior worlds offered by particular eras. My current work combines Victorian era objects with vintage ceramic decals that originate in the 1960s and 70s to create objects that have a contemporary sensibility and aesthetic dimension.

The Victorian decorative arts period is known for its orderliness and ornamentation, and a mixture of past stylistic eras such as Gothic, Tudor and Elizabethan. Curios, intriguing objects for contemplation, provide an ideal vehicle for the presentation of repurposed objects, creating new environments that inform the culture that wishes to appropriate and display such objects in isolation.

The complex sense of time in these curios has been central to my exploration of commercially produced ceramic decals. Through simple flower prints, patterns and reproductions these decals evoke a different era. The medium of glass provides opportunities, through the use of optics, for the presentation of dynamic visions of the decals.

This body of work is meant to allow viewers opportunities to enjoy objects, as well as to confront our motives in appropriating and enjoying works of art.  My goal is to achieve a sense of mystery and playfulness through imaginary works that challenge and inspire.

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