Alan Fulle



Two years ago I began to create two new bodies of work--attempts to bring my paintings even closer to my sculptures, and my sculptures to live within my paintings.


The Stripe Series is the evolution of an earlier, more minimalist body of work that had been limited or reduced in relationship of stripe to abstract areas. Now, abstract layers of richness form the craggy surface of the topography. The layers and mountainous peaks allow the materials to swim around like rivers and lakes, allowing floating compositions. The Volcano Stripe series is a passionate example of my psychology and direction working with paint and epoxy resin to create a deep meaning. Topographic, harder-edged abstraction bounces off and contrasts with soft, ethereal lines. These give the richness and complexity to the composition, reflecting on organization versus randomness—the chaos of nature and gravity versus the striated organization of life, architecture and humanness.

The Block paintings refer to the sculpture and the organization, the random versus the ordered, the cut architectonic shapes versus the loose, flowing, bright forms. The fresh colors and subtle interplay of watercolor-like pools bounce off rich and deep layers of the blocks. The elevational difference between the cut blocks and the surface layers give a tactile, childlike interplay between the various expressions.

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