Anna Mlasowsky

"For the past three years I have been developing a new mold-less pate de verre technique, which greatly expands the ways in which I can form glass. I create moldable pastes and flexible sheets out of glass powders, and these new materials allow me to create complex forms and structures not possible before.


My work takes many different forms, as my investigation continuously refocuses on different nuances of the same area of investigation. I use investigative experiment driven processes to reveal transitory points between two positions. Thoughts transmute into objects in literal space and time, and these objects reiterate the impermanent and mutable.

The current work originates from recorded conversations between my husband and myself in the fall. While he was in Japan I turned the progress and mood of our daily phone conversations into line drawings and subsequently paper cutouts. These cutouts became templates for the three dimensional objects in the exhibition


These objects express the changing landscape of emotions within a relationship over time. They all resemble abstracted boat and/or house shapes as a further analogy towards co-inhabited spaces and vessels in which we come together and make new discoveries."

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