Trey Hill

Trey Hill's newest body of work evolved around the classic tree form. This form led his exploration into the foundation of classical Greek and Roman sculpture. At the foot of these heavy yet delicate stone pieces often lies a tree, an unnoticed support. It was the solid foundation that allowed classical sculpture to stand. It was the unseen, the unexplored, yet instrumental to the form. Within this work it is used as a metaphor for what goes unseen but is essential to our existence. Beyond the tree forms, the work employs anatomical fragments along with other recognizable images to create pieces that reflect complex inquiries into sight and attraction. 

Like sextants used to chart unknown seas, our rods and cones not only chart our course but also convince us that the unmapped can be understood. By employing segments of the universality of human experience, we observe the traditionally unexplored. Trey Hill hints at a deeper view, a silent demand, and celebrates the unseen.

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