Tori Karpenko

With my artwork I explore personal and communal stories through the lens of people, place, and the effect they have on each other.  I am fascinated by the creation of culture, by our unique responses to our ecosystem, and by the outcomes that emerge from how an individual or a society choose to live.  


As I hear constant discussion of how much humans are affecting the natural world, I am equally intrigued by the inverse question ; “What effect is the natural world having on me?  What effect has it had on us collectively throughout history, and how does it effect us now?”  


I know that the landscape I call home has both subconscious and observable impacts on me.  Through my personal connection to the seasonal rhythms, quiet undisturbed places, and the garden that I intentionally cultivate I am grounded in a past, present, and future understanding of my own vision for ‘man’ acting as part of ‘nature’ rather than removed, separate or outside of it. 

As an artist I hope to inspire and encourage a rising culture that feels a stronger connection to the landscape surrounding us and all that we have to learn from it, for the sake of the individual and the collective well-being.




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