WTG# 12345
blown glass
15.5"h x 17.25"w x 6"d

Shades of White

Traver Gallery is pleased to present Shades of White, a group exhibition exploring a recent trend toward reductivism in contemporary art and design. Traver Gallery has a long history of representing artists who are passionate about the materials with which they work, and the removal of color can allow an artist to explore various aspects of their material in greater depth. Shades of White highlights the many diverse expressions of the aesthetic choice to either eschew added pigment entirely, or work primarily in white; the result is a richly varied presentation of work that is subtle, beautiful, and quietly sensuous.

By removing color as an expressive or compositional element, a fascinating variety of other factors can be explored in an artwork, ranging from narrative to and formal. Shades of White includes pieces by 24 nationally renowned artists working in a variety of styles and mediums, each of whom has chosen to employ a pared back color palette for a unique combination of reasons.