Armelle Bouchet O'Neill

What impression does our natural habitat have on us as individuals? Each habitat and place is shared—whether for a part of their lives or forever—by a community of individuals, and contributes to one’s identity and culture. Inspiration for these new works is derived from rich and wild landscapes that I have experienced throughout my journey.

These works explore topography, the science that describes the surface of a place’s unique landscape and the idea that each place is unique, much like a fingerprint. Each piece is executed by masking a series of lines and deeply carving the space between. A curve evolves, repeats itself and grows organically, alluding to the rugged yet intricate formation of terrain. Amorphous lines emerge to create light and take form much like the creation of a topographical landscape. The work aims to be my ode to the beauty and the diversity of our surroundings.

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