Harry Pollitt



"More than just words..."


As a child, I studied the movement of water around rocks in a brook. I first tried to capture the feeling of that in my sand pile. In early grade school, I traced the grain patterns in my wood desktop and began drawing doodles with interconnected, double-back curves. There are remembrances of experiencing my first, perfect radius, bank-curved-entrance onto an interstate highway in the family car as a young teen. I graduated to pounding my motorcycle through s-curves. In my early 20's, it was the experience of a lifetime hitching a ride in a military fighter and feeling the g-forces of tight banked turns. These feeling are locked in my soul and the driving force of my art. Like a composer searching for the "lost chord," I search for the "experience" of capturing the perfect set of interconnected curved lines and planes.

For forty years, the tangible expression of this quest was the medium of wood. It has long been my "perfect" material. I love the feel, smell, color and character of it. Then in 2009, a man named Ted opened my eyes to the world of sculptural, kiln cast glass and the fire was lit anew. And like the ripples in a pound, the flow keeps expanding. I am confident in the knowledge that there is an endless set of rhythms to explore and that the purpose of life is to have the experience and the joy of pursuing it!
My art is completely self-taught! All my bad habits come from places other than the classroom!!!










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