Mark Bennion

Mark Bennion (b.1948 Seattle, Washington) is a painter and sculptor who has shown his work across the United States, Canada and Europe since 1968. He lives and works on Vashon Island, near Seattle, Washington.

Over the past 25 years he has developed a unique painting process, which he calls fresco, using oil, dry pigment on plaster and paper on a panel or canvas. Strongly encouraged by mentor William Ivey (1919-1992) Bennion sees his "frescoes"-- oil and dry pigment on plaster on paper on panel--as a confluence of eastern and western techniques. This process, which the artist began over 30 years ago, lends itself to many of his interests. Ancient walls and the decay of structures are juxtaposed with the markings and shapes of the mythology from many cultures. There is a silent knowing in these markings. An ancient innocence that becomes familiar. The work on plaster is painted and sanded, and painted over and over, sometimes 4 or 5 layers but often up to 10 or 12 until the work is complete. Bennion is also a sculptor exhibiting large scale geometric welded steel pieces and has numerous outdoor installations.


Bennion's March 2015 exhibition of new works in fresco, collage and steel marks his 8th solo exhibition with Traver Gallery.

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