Cappy Thompson: Bright Blue Light and Heike Brachlow: Chaos Theory

Heike Brachlow

Cappy Thompson

September 1 - October 1, 2016
thurs, sept 1st, 5-8pm

Heike Brachlow ORILLIA

Well known for her signature folk-style paintings on glass, Thompson explores innovative methods of drawing; using light to outline form in this new collection of painted glass panels and carved glass vessels.

The carved vessels, born from her desire to draw directly on to the glass surface, are created using a rare antique Czech engraving lathe. The overall effect is that Thompson is able to draw with light itself, creating a quiet and beautiful narrative on these small, and delicately tinted vessels.

The panels, unlike Thompson's previous painted works, use entirely transparent enamels. She incises the drawing, removing the paint to reveal a thin line of clear glass to define the shapes of the composition. In the same way that the cut lines define the form in engraved vessels, so the lines of light create an outline of form in these painted panels.

By utilizing fresh material and technique, Thompson gives new voice to the narrative style for which she is so well known. Bright Blue Light presents a stunning collection of works that highlight the qualities of Cappy Thompson's glass "canvas".

Brachlow, known for her massive, kinetic, kiln cast sculptures, continues to explore movement and transformation in her recent body of work. Color and light are critical to Brachlow's artistic study, and her experimentation in glass has led to the production of her own unique glass colors, discovering that adding metal oxides to the glass batch allows her to create a palette consisting of mostly subtle tones and polychromatic colors.

"I became interested in polychromatic colours, colours that change in different types of light, during my PhD research at the Royal College of Art. Most of my work reflects my attraction to movement, and part of the reason for this attraction is the idea of transformation. Polychromatic colours add a different type of transformation. While many transparent colours in solid glass vary to a degree in different types of ambient light, polychromatic colours change in a startling way, for example from purple to green. Working with these has promoted an interest in physics, and has completely changed my understanding of light."

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