Jef Gunn

Jef Gunn

May 4 - 27, 2017


Since his early career, Gunn has made use of found materials. Seeds and nutshells, stones, wood, and bits of iron all hold the opportunity to create marks in ink onto fine Chinese papers. This intuitive, repetitive and meditative process evolves into final compositions. The resulting papers, rice-pasted or waxed to panels, echo the traditional mantras that are expressed in his forms.

This current exhibition is comprised of a series within a series - both make use of printing with found objects and involve practices of restraint, chance and precision. The Telling series incorporates organized printed forms of objects in arrangements of columns and rows. Telling is counting, as in a bank teller who counts the money, or a storyteller who recounts a story. The Restraint; Chance and Precision series wholly embraces the notion of randomness. From an early age, Gunn was motivated to create precise renditions of the seen world, and for years he has been deeply moved by the beauties of chance. The lightness with which a shadow falls just so, the shape of a coffee spill, or how the asphalt cracks over years of cold and heat.

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