Carmen Vetter / Tom DeGroot

Tom DeGroot

Carmen Vetter

April 3 - 26, 2014
reception thursday, april 3rd 5-8pm


Carmen Vetter presents "After Before" a group of compositions on kilnformed glass panels. This new work begins with the grid and repeating geometric patterns; a true and mathematical structure that the artist first builds upon and then begin to deconstruct. Throughout the many step process, part of the pattern is destroyed and part of it holds. As Vetter describes it, the completed work conveys "a process of building by erosion".

Tom Degroot present "An Edge in the Ocean" a new series of acrylic paintings on Sintra, a plastic based industrial construction material. The works are formed spontaneously by pulling the wet acrylic paint across the smooth plastic surface of the Sintra - the resulting composition has an immediacy and openness about it; it is both direct and strong. DeGroot, a long-time Zen Buddhist, draws a connection between this his newly developed process and that of Sho Do, the art of Zen Calligraphy. In both cases, the painter or the calligrapher, and the brush, ink and paper are engaged in one inseparable activity, and what is left is a record of that harmonious and unconditioned moment.

Gregory Grenon, Mary Josephson, Ethan Stern

Gregory Grenon

Mary Josephson

Ethan Stern

May 1 - 31, 2014
reception thursday, may 1st 5-8pm

Gregory Grenon celebrates 30 years at Traver Gallery