Einar and Jamex de la Torre: HYPERKULTUREMIA and Ethan Stern: CROSSCUT

Einar and Jamex de la Torre: Hyperkulturemia

Ethan Stern: Crosscut

August 6 - 30, 2015
thurs, aug 6, 5-8pm

Einar and Jamex De La Torre KOCH BROTHERS

As the show title (inspired by a likely fictitious syndrome) suggests, this next exhibition at Traver by the outrageous sibling duo should be accompanied with the warning: Caution, artwork may cause rapid heartbeat, fainting, confusion, and hallucinations!

Einar and Jamex de la Torre:
Employing hot sculpted glass, resin, lenticular lenses and found objects, the intensely imaginative work by the de la Torre's conjoins the humorous and the horrific with religious iconography and themes from pop culture.

Ethan Stern:
Having firmly established himself as one of the preeminent young artists working in glass, Ethan Stern finds a new voice in Crosscut, his forthcoming exhibition at Traver Gallery. With this new body of sculpture Stern extends his artistic exploration of abstraction, color, texture and light. Embracing a fresh palette of crystalline colors and tight geometric cuts, he makes extraordinary use of the unique qualities of the glass to alter light.

Lino Tagliapietra: LINO

Lino Tagliapietra: LINO

September 3 - 26, 2015
thurs, sept 3, 5-8pm