WTG# 12345
blown glass
15.5"h x 17.25"w x 6"d

Justin Ginsberg


The exhibition presents the remaining relics from innovative material explorations conducted throughout the world between 2011 and 2017. Confronting the anticipated limit of what a material can withstand, often through violent and cataclysmic interaction, the highly elemental results exist on a more visceral than logical level. Unpredictably formed by centripetal and centrifugal forces, as well as gravity, principles defined through fluid dynamics, and entropy, there is an effort to dismantle and deconstruct as a process of creation. The predictability is nearly entirely consumed by the unknown, lending to some control over the results, but very little.

*The objects, drawings, and video works, were completed through residencies at The Tacoma Museum of Glass in Washington in 2015, S12 studios in Bergen Norway in 2017, as well as the opportunity to teach at the Toyama Institute of Glass in Japan, and work with gaffers at the Pilchuck glass school in Washington in 2016 and 2017.

Justin Ginsberg (b. Dallas Texas, USA) is an artist, curator, and educator. After receiving his MFA in 2011, he has been the Head of the Glass area and Assistant Professor of Practice at the University of Texas at Arlington since 2013, while also pursuing his own creative practice and research. His work focuses on the systems and structures we use for understanding the world around us. He questions the known and orderliness, while also bringing context to the unknown and chaotic. He considers process and action as he explores the perceived boundaries of materials and the presumed nature of things.

Justin shows his work nationally and internationally. In 2015, he completed residencies at West TX A&M, The Corning Museum of Glass, The Tacoma Museum of Glass, and Wheaton Arts. In 2016, he had a solo exhibition at the Traver Gallery, and was a visiting artist at the Toyama Institute of Glass in Toyama Japan. He is in the permanent collection of the Kunstpalast Museum in Dusseldorf Germany, The American Glass Museum in New Jersey, The Tacoma Museum of Glass in Tacoma, and the studio at the Corning Museum of Glass. Justin recently completed a 7 week residency at S12 in Bergen Norway along with his second International Solo Exhibition.