WTG# 12345
blown glass
15.5"h x 17.25"w x 6"d

Preston Singletary

Premonitions of Water, is a poignant reaction to the battles that are being waged over a most vital resource: water. The works included in this exhibition are based largely on specific Tlingit myths about water but the meaning they convey is universal: our human connection to water is essential.

Singletary says of this new body of work, "this show is a tribute to the water protectors, the Native people and everyone who stood up against the Dakota pipeline; to all those who have added their voice to the fight. Water is life. This is not an exclusively Native perspective, every­one knows this, yet it seems that those who currently have access to power are willing to manipulate the laws and rights of Native people and their lands for the purposes of making money. This year I felt compelled
to create new works that reflect beauty and inspiration in the face of the negativity our community is facing. This provides me with a spiritual focus that connects me to my ancestors, family and community. Native people have persevered throughout history; opposition and persecution is something that many Indigenous people experience on an everyday basis. I'm grateful for the teachings of Patience, Endurance, Courage and Alertness. I was taught that this is where the best human qualities come from."